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University of Louisville's new 'GATOR XUV' with MedLite insert goes to work!

Gator XUV with MedLite medical insert carries injured football player during Louisville Vs. Rutgers game 10-21-2011
(Carrying a second EMS attendant on the tail board area of the MedLite insert is not recommended.)

U of L Papa John's Cardinal Stadium
12:52 PM EDT, Oct. 22, 2011
Updated:  1:00 PM, Oct. 24, 2011
Staff Writer

As the saying goes, "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"  Such was the case, when in the second quarter of Friday night's University of Louisville versus Rutgers University NCAA football game, U of L's senior cornerback, Anthony Conner, broke his neck while making a tackle.  Fortunately, U of L's athletic department medical staff recently placed a new 2011 John Deere Gator 825i XUV in service to respond to just such an event.  The 4X4 Gator XUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) has fully independent front and rear suspensions, making it the perfect solution for critical off road patient transports like this.  Also, this Gator is outfitted with a MedLite emergency medical bed insert with Turtle Tile matting on the stretcher deck for an even smoother ride.

U of L's medical staff and Yellow Ambulance of Louisville paramedics stabilized Conner on a long spine board with a head immobilizer as he laid on the 27 yard line after impact.  Once stabilized, Conner was gently loaded on to the stretcher deck of the MedLite.  After securing the player and backboard to the MedLite's rails, paramedics on the Gator were able to monitor the injured player as he was safely transported over 100 yards to a waiting ambulance just off the playing surface at the other end of the field.

UPDATE:  1:00 PM, Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 -- As of this writing, Conner underwent surgery at the Louisville Jewish Hospital to stabilize a cervical spine fracture.  Latest reports indicate he is not paralyzed and has feeling in all his extremities.  Doctors have stated there is no reason to expect Conner will not walk out of the hospital upon his release later this week.

>>>  GATOR 825i 'XUV' shown above was purchased through HARTLAND EQUIPMENT of Louisville  <<<

 Bowling Green, Glasgow, Louisville, and Somerset, Kentucky 

For more information on MedLite EMS / Rescue inserts, or FireLite Fire / Rescue skids call: 

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENTat: 859-359-4502, or send an email to: .

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CONGRATULATIONS to 'Barnwell County' South Carolina, EMA!

Barnwell County EMA Fire / Rescue Multi-Mission Emergency Vehicle

This 2011 Kawasaki 'Trans4X4' Diesel Mule has been converted for service as an 'Off Road Fire / Rescue / EMS' rapid response unit.  The vehicle is now available to assist all emergency responders of Barnwell County, SC.  Also, by mutual aid agreement with the State Emergency Management Division, this multi-mission vehicle can be deployed to assist response agencies statewide, or beyond.  Purchased from  Aiken Motorcycle Sales  with funding from a DHS grant administered through the State EM Division, this four wheel drive off-road utility vehicle is outfitted with a 'FireLite' FDH-11-46 Fire / Rescue insert supplied by ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT.  Additionally, the rescue deck is covered with 'Turtle Tile' matting for added patient comfort and includes the 'Junkin' JSA-200B 'Break-Apart' basket stretcher for compact storage and transport by enclosed trailer.

>>> 2012 KAWASAKI 4010 'Trans4X4' Mule above purchased through AIKEN Motorcycle Sales, SC <<<

 Aiken Motorcycle Sales, 2129 Whiskey Road, Aiken, SC 29803  PH:  803-649-2872

For more information on MedLite EMS / Rescue inserts, or FireLite Fire / Rescue skids call: 

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT at: 859-359-4502, or send an email to: .

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CONGRATULATIONS to 'Wilderness VFD' in Mt. Lookout, West Virginia!

Wilderness VFD Polaris 6X6 Ranger Off Road Rescue Vehicle
Chief Marvin "Mac" McClung and FF Derick Young of Wilderness VFD in Mt. Lookout, West Virginia.

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT is proud to announce a new 'MedLite' Transport Deluxe MTD-11 EMS / Rescue bed insert was recently delivered to Wilderness Volunteer Fire Dept. in Mt. Lookout, West Virginia.  This off road rescue utility vehicle bed insert includes custom cut 'Turtle Tile' stretcher deck matting by TURTLE Plastics, and a JUNKIN JSA-200 basket stretcher.  Wilderness VFD also took delivery of a new 'FireLite' FDH-11 Fire-Rescue insert (not shown) for this same 2004 Polaris 6X6 Ranger.  According to Chief "Mac" McClung, their plan is to swap out the inserts as seasonal mission requirements change.

 For more information on MedLite EMS / Rescue inserts, or FireLite Fire / Rescue skids call: 

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT at: 859-359-4502, or send an email to: .

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///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT recently participated in the 2011 DIXIE FIRE SCHOOL in Elizabethtown, KY.

Dixie 2011 Fire School

At this event, Dale Dobson from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's "Farm and Home Safety Training Program unveiled its' new  John Deere GATOR 825i 'XUV' off road utility vehicle.  For the third consecutive year, Deere & Co. has provided a new GATOR for use in this program through HARTLAND Equipment Co. of Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

>>>  GATOR 825i XUV arranged through  HARTLAND EQUIPMENT  <<<

Bowling Green, Glasgow, Louisville, and Somerset, Kentucky 

Gator 825i XUV and MedLite EMS Rescue Bed Insert

During this event, KIMTEK Corporation and ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT presented a new 'MedLite' MTD-11 EMS / Rescue bed insert to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's "Farm and Home Safety Training Program."  This off road rescue utility vehicle bed insert includes custom cut 'Turtle Tile' stretcher deck matting donated by TURTLE Plastics.  Mike Brady of ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT installed the insert on a new John Deere 825i Gator 4X4 'XUV' donated by Deere & Co. through HARTLAND Equipment in Bowling Green.  This off road rescue vehicle will be used during Farm Rescue and ATV / UTV Safety & Rescue courses across Kentucky.  So, check out KDA's new ride at almost every emergency services school and rescue equipment display across the state!

>>>  GATOR 825i XUV shown above courtesy of LIMESTONE FARM, LAWN & WORKSITE  <<<

Florence, Elizabethtown, Campebsville, DeMossville and Shelbyville, Kentucky 

For more information on MedLite EMS / Rescue inserts, or FireLite Fire / Rescue skids call: 

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT at: 859-359-4502, or send an email to: . 

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Marshall County Uses FEMA Reimbursements / DHS Grant Funds for Medical Gator

Mark Harrison, EMS Director
Benton, Kentucky

Marshall County EMS, based in Benton, KY, serves residents and tourist of this southwestern Kentucky community, bordering Kentucky Lake, and the "Land Between The Lakes" recreation area.  Recently, they placed into service a John Deere Gator 4X4 XUV outfitted with a MedLite™ EMS insert in the cargo bed.  The medical insert allows for safe transport of a patient on a long spine board, or packaged in a Stoke's type basket stretcher or litter.  It includes an adjustable attendant's seat and a storage compartment with slide out tray for EMS equipment.

Marshall County, KY EMS Gator at Street Festival

The Gator 4X4 utility vehicle was funded by 'Marshall County Fiscal Court' through allocation of FEMA reimbursement monies from the 2009 ice storm that struck this region.   Funding for the MedLite™ medical insert was obtained through a US Department of Homeland Security grant administered by Kentucky's Office of Homeland Security.  Along with the Gator and EMS insert, a 20-Ft. long 'Special Response Support Trailer' was purchased to house and transport the off road rescue equipment during emergencies.  Additionally, this trailer has been outfitted with medical, communications and command supplies for use as a forward command post during disaster responses throughout the region.

Marshall County, KY EMS Gator response during street festival.

Emergency services administrators realized the need for this equipment during the 2009 winter ice storm.  Due to the numerous blocked roads caused by this regional natural disaster, health and welfare visits to elderly and infirm citizens were almost impossible.  Plus, some emergency transports were delayed for days due to restricted access by conventional emergency vehicles.  The Gator's size and 4-wheel drive would have allowed it to go around many of these obstacles to reach those in need.   Also, Marshall County EMS responds to several ATV, hiking, boating and hunting accidents every year.  As such, the addition of this 4X4 off road emergency vehicle will improve response times and enhance the safety of both emergency personnel and patients.

For more information on the "Gator" project contact Marshall County EMS at:  270-527-1243.

>>>  GATOR 620i 'XUV' shown above was purchased through HUTSON AG EQUIPMENT  <<<

Clarksville, TN and Clinton, Mayfield, Morganfield, Princeton and Russellville, KY

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For more information on MedLite EMS / Rescue inserts, or FireLite Fire / Rescue skids call: 

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT at: 859-359-4502, or send an email to: .