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   Website updated:  October 27, 2017 at 1:31 AM EDT.   


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 Presently seeking 'PowerSports' dealers for MedLite & FireLite inserts
and Off-Road Rescue patient transport trailer product lines.
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Contact ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT  for information on available terrritories.
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Here's how to get in touch with us:
Give us a call us at:  859-359-4502 
Our 24 / 7 Fax line:   859-359-4503
or, send us an email at:
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Sullivan County EMS, TN Off-Road ResQ Team in the mud!

Announcing our redesigned 'All Terrain Res-Q' Litter Cover for 2013!

All Terrain Rescue Trailer Litter Cover

'All Terrain Res-Q' Litter Cover ready to ship out to Alaska on 01/04/2013.

(Left side view.)
Litter Cover on pallet ready to ship to Alaska
(Right side view.)
All Terrain Res-Q Trailer Litter Cover
Pictures of the pallet as taken before loading on 01/04/2013.