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paratech - maxiforce air lift bag systems

Fire departments, rescue squads, and industrial users alike prefer MAXIFORCE™ Air Lifting Bag Systems worldwide. Our success is largely due to our continued focus on offering a complete lift system that is designed for durability, simplicity, and safety.

Today, aramid fiber reinforced lift bags are the accepted standard for emergency service agencies the world over. Did you ever wonder who set that standard? Paratech Inc. did, back in 1980, and our research in materials improvements continues today!

MAXIFORCE™ Air Lifting Bag Systems

Let's face it; the primary benefit of lifting bags is handling close clearance loads. With the thinnest profile available (5/8" to 1"), you can place the lift bags in tighter space and be more effective when space is limited. With 25 lift bag sizes and a wide assortment of rectangular shapes, you can do more with less effort using MAXIFORCE. You will not find a simpler system to learn and use.

MAXIFORCE Air Lifting Bags and components have been designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines at our Frankfort, IL, factory. This ensures high bag manufacturing standards, rigorous QA testing and unequaled quality and emergency service for many years to come.

Rescue Air Cushions

Low-pressure air lift cushions and medium pressure air lift cushions and low-pressure trench cushions are the next steps after users have become proficient in the use of high-pressure air lifting bags. These high lift air cushions should be obtained and used in sets of two. Paratech's high lift air cushions can be inflated with the same compressed air source as your high-pressure air lift bags when a high lift is needed. Common applications are vehicle recovery, animal rescue, building collapse, and trench collapse void space filling.

Yellow and Blue Cushions

The lift capacity on rescue air cushions will not vary with height as in the case of high-pressure lifting bags. The large contact area on the top and bottom does not decrease as the cushion is inflated allowing lifts to be completed on soft or weak surfaces.

Rescue Air Lift Cushions are sold separately or in kits, which include control equipment, repair kits, hoses, and a carrying case. Whether you purchase low pressure 7.25 PSI Neoprene & Nylon cushions or the 14.5 PSI medium pressure Neoprene and Kevlar cushions, or the new 7.25 PSI Trench Rescue Cushions you will find many emergency applications for your new Paratech rescue cushions.

Leak Sealing Kits

Paratech Leak Sealing Kits are designed and manufactured with the same focus on quality as MAXIFORCE Lift Bags. We use a high-grade neoprene material for all Paratech inflatables because of neoprene's resistance to many common chemicals.

Whether you purchase one of our six leak sealing kits alone or with an optional leak sealing plug kit, you will find your new equipment very safe and simple to use. Simply strap inflatable bags over the leak and apply pressure. Order your leak sealing kits today!

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