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Res Q Tec Extrication Tools

The ultimate cutter for the cars of tomorrow!

RESQTEC Introduces the latest addition to the 6 Series:


We have the ideal equipment for vehicle extrication. The G6W is specially designed and optimized for cutting car posts of the latest cars on the street, as an answer to the increasing strength of "Complex Car Construction" - CCC.

New RESQTEC Cutter

Cutting structures, as important as cutting capacity, is how it is translated using blade design. The performance of a cutter always relates back to the blade design! In the case of cutting CCC, you want a blade that shreds, which is achieved if the structure is pulled to the central bolt. The more a blade is capable of doing that, the better it is suited for cutting CCC materials. At the same time the posts are becoming bigger so a big opening is needed. The unique W blade can go around a big post and pull material to the central bolt, further than any other tool on the market.

With 121 tons (242,000 lbs.) of cutting power, the biggest opening and the unique W blade design, it is the ultimate CCC cutter. Not just for today's cars, but more importantly for tomorrow's!

EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT is your "RESQTEC" distributor for Kentucky and southwest Ohio.

RESQTEC Simo-Power Units Deliver The Power!

With your choice of "Integral" (end mounted) or "Side Mounted" hose reels. In lengths of 65-Ft. (standard) or 100-Ft. (optional), your RESQTEC Simo-Power Unit allows you to relocate your system from one truck to another in just seconds! Finally, no time-consuming disassembly of hoses, reels or mounting brackets, just pick it up and move the entire system as needed.

X4 HD Spreader

'Res Q Tec' X4 HD Spreader has 227,000 pounds of maximum spreading force!

G6 HD Cutter
Res Q Tec' G6 HD Cutter has 282,000 pounds cutting force at the notch!

FX6 HD Combi-Tool

'Res Q Tec' FX6 HD Combi-Tool: 281,000 Lb. cut force and 40,000 Lb. max spreading force!

So, replace your old hydraulic power unit with a RESQTEC Simo-Power Unit with "Built-In Reels." When you do, the next time your rescue truck goes down for an extended period, you'll be ready to move your extrication tool system to a backup rig in no time.

'Res Q Tec' V4 / V6 Ram
'Res Q Tec' V4 / V6 Ram has 25,000 Lb. push force and extends to 49" -- 63" with extension!

“The COBRA Cutter“
"The COBRA Cutter"

RESQTEC Simo-Power Units

'Q1' Mini Cutter-Spreader: has 37,000 pounds cut force and 9,000 pounds spread force!

Hey, check it out! This "Mini-Cutter/Spreader" can be set up to operate on any hydraulic fluid and from 5,000 to 10,500 PSI!

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